Bathroom renovations are some of the most common home upgrades in Orland Park. Homeowners often remodel to create spa-like atmospheres and make bathrooms more elegant. Bathroom Remodeling in Orland Park IL can make the most of available space and gives owners a chance to fix a range of issues. Homeowners also have a chance to replace original features with water- and energy-saving alternatives.

Remodeling Can Add Space

Bathroom Remodeling in Orland Park IL is popular among growing families. Spaces that are ideal for a couple quickly become awkward when children come along. Remodeling contractors assess each client’s space and create plans that will maximize the available space. For example, they might install a double sink with extra storage if the bathroom is large enough. When bathrooms are tiny, designers often suggest options like pedestal sinks or corner cabinets.

Renovating Corrects Many Problems

Clients who want to fix ongoing problems in bathrooms often reach out to remodeling contractors via sites like During a renovation, professionals can repair plumbing problems. They will upgrade unsafe wiring and replace faulty flooring that could be a tripping hazard. Plumbers routinely exchange poorly functioning toilets with efficient models.

In cases where original bathrooms are very old, contractors might also identify mold issues. Many homes have hidden mold growth behind walls and it can be a health issue if left unchecked. Contractors can arrange for expert mold remediation, to ensure that no fungus is left to contaminate home air.

Updating Can Create an Eco-Friendlier Space

Homeowners also update bathrooms in order to conserve critical resources. During a renovation, contractors can install energy-saving lighting, appliances, and fixtures. Homeowners may choose low-flow aerators for faucets. They can reduce water flow from 2.2 gallons per minute to .5. Many clients add low-flow showerheads and toilets that conserve water. They might also switch to sustainable building materials like recycled wood for cabinetry and flooring. These small changes add up and contribute significantly to an eco-friendly environment.

Bathroom renovations give homeowners a chance to increase space and correct long-standing problems. Remodeling is also an opportunity to create green bathrooms that use sustainable materials as well as conserve energy and water.