Physical injuries are not only painful, they can also keep sufferer’s from living a normal life. Back pain, knee injuries or other physical issues creating debilitating pain can be helped by physical therapy, often without surgery being necessary. Contacting a Physical Therapist Hopewell Junction is the first step toward finding a solution to chronic pain.

Back injury is one of the common causes of chronic pain that seriously affects a patient’s daily life. A Physical Therapist can provide treatments to manage the pain levels and return the suffer to a much more normal life. Spinal Decompression Therapy, for example, provides a non-surgical alternative that is proven to reduce pain levels. Additional follow-up treatments are also provided following the therapy to reduce the odds of a recurrence of pain.

Knee injuries are also extremely common. While many patients complaining of knee pain are older, many young people suffer knee injuries requiring therapy every year. Again, therapy alone may be sufficient to return the patient to normal health. If additional steps are needed to promote healing, intra-articular knee joint hyalgan injections are often successful in promoting healing of the injury. Physicians determine which steps should be considered for specific patients’ needs and what additional treatments may be required to promote complete healing.

Rehabilitation services for accident victims are also provided by physical therapists. Commonly, vehicle accident victims suffer pain from back and neck injuries as a result of the accident. Quality care is required to promote healing, and physical therapy is recommended treatment for those types of injuries. Therapists will also provide reports for referring physicians and attorneys to keep them advised of progress.

Physical Therapist Hopewell Junction also provide care for workers injured on the job. Workman’s Compensation patients are provided the care needed to return them to job ready status as quickly as possible. Special treatments are designed to work harden injured individuals for the specific types of work they customarily engage in.

Whatever type of injury requires physical therapy, only therapists qualified and equipped to conduct that type of therapy should be considered. Ask about the types of therapy treatment that are practiced by the provider prior to starting any treatment.
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