When you commit a crime and are taken to jail, you will often appear in front of a judge soon after. At this hearing, the judge will decide what type of threat you are to society and whether you are a flight risk. Based on these deductions, the judge will set a bail amount you need to get out of jail so you can resume your life while you wait for your case to be heard. It can be useful to understand how the cash bonds in Schenectady, NY, are determined.

Severity of the Crime

One of the most important factors the judge will consider is the severity of the crime you have committed. If the crime is considered fairly minor, you will get a much lower jail bond amount than if you are suspected of committing a greater crime, such as a murder. The more severe the crime is, the higher the amount will be set. In some cases, the judge may refuse to set any amount because of the extreme nature of your crime.

Past History

The judge will also look at your past criminal history when determining cash bonds in Schenectady, NY. If this is your first offense, you may have a lower bond amount, even if the severity of the crime was a bit higher, than someone who has committed multiple offenses in the past but has committed a less severe crime. The judge will be looking for the likelihood of repeating the offense while you are out on bail.

Flight Risk

The goal of jail bonds is to ensure you will show up in court. However, some people are willing to lose out on the money to avoid the possibility of spending time in jail or prison. Therefore, the judge must look at the flight risk of the individual to determine if bail can be set and if so, how much it should be. Someone who is more likely to flee is less likely to obtain an affordable bail amount, if any.

Determining cash bonds in Schenectady, NY, will depend greatly on a vast number of factors. When you go before the judge, he will look at each of these factors, including the severity of your crime, whether you have committed crimes in the past and your level of flight risk, to determine how much to charge and whether to allow bail at all. Once that bail is set, though, you can look for help getting out of jail until your court date.

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