Chevrolet is a brand that does it all: Cars, trucks, and SUVs. Few auto makers have achieved the prestige and prolific reputation that Chevy has, and dealers are proud to represent a brand that’s so versatile and diverse. Chevy autos just continue to get better over time, as more and more technology is packed into each interior to make it not only more comfortable, but more entertaining as well. Take for example that in recent years, Chevy added Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to its list of supported products, allowing each and every Chevy owner to enjoy the modern technology that is so vital to successful commuting and traveling these days.

A new Chevy in Orland Park is a lot different than in years past. Take for example the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. Was it a workhorse from the time that it hit dealerships? Sure. But these days, you find a lot of modern technology packed into the cab of the truck, with upgraded interior materials that make it more comfortable and a host of touchscreen dash command centers that let those at work have a taste of play during their day, too. New safety features are also flooding into Chevy models as well, with things like blind spot monitoring, 360 degree cameras, and adaptive cruise control in a large number of models.

Hawk Chevrolet of Joliet is proud to represent the Chevy brand and usher in this new generation of vehicles that will be safer and more comfortable than ever before, with greater connectivity and convenience amenities that make all Chevy owners glad they bought a Chevy. Anyone who wants to buy a new Chevy in Orland Park is welcome to check out the huge inventory of new and used Chevys at Hawk. The team there is always helpful in selecting the right vehicle for you.

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