Cleaning a house is much more than just removing dirt, dust, or harmful elements from the environment. You also need to disinfect the house every once in a while to keep yourself and other family members safe from diseases or infections. Disinfecting the house is important as whenever a person comes in from outside, they may bring in a lot of germs or bacteria. These hazardous elements can cause harm to everyone living in the house.

By hiring cleaning services in Orlando, you can have peace of mind that your house is sanitized and disinfected regularly. They use equipment or solutions to provide protection to people.

Disinfectant Wipes

This is surely one of the easiest and most used methods of disinfecting the house. Ethanol-based wipes that contain sodium hypochlorite act as a great disinfectant. Professionals can clean all the surfaces with these and remove or kill the bacteria present on them. Most cleaning services in Orlando also include this in their basic offering.


If you are looking for something stronger, you can request a bleach solution to be used. This is an effective disinfectant that can be sprayed on the surface for cleaning it completely. By hiring cleaning services in Orlando, you can save the hassle of doing it yourself and take all the preventive measures too.


The most common cleaning and disinfecting method used by the experts is in the form of sprays. These tend to last longer and do not have any harmful effects on people or animals.

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