A CPI mobile ad network, or cost per install network, is one of the most important things today for a mobile app developer to have. These campaigns help to get apps into the hands of those who would most likely use them, and they can be one of the best places to drive sales. How does this type of mobile ad network actually work for you?

Understanding These Campaigns

If you are an app owner or in app development, you may want to promote your app using paid ads. That means advertisements will be placed in other mobile websites or other apps. There are many styles and methods for doing so. To do this, you have to work with advertising networks or publishers as a way to get more exposure and interest in your app.

When someone using the website or app clicks on the ad, they are then taken to the installation of your app. It is at that point that you, the advertiser of the mobile app, is charged a fee. You do not have to pay a fee just to have your app presented as an ad.

A CPI mobile ad network makes this happen for you. They provide the resources and tools to help you to establish this type of campaign. When working with a service like this, you increase the range for your success. A CPI mobile ad network is an essential component, then, to marketing an app.
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