How Does Age Impact the Prevalence of Hip Pain and its Treatment in Peoria, AZ

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Pain Management

How does age impact the prevalence of hip pain and are there age-related factors to consider? The first thing to understand is that aches and pains become frequent as people grow older.

Hip and knee pain treatment in Peoria, AZ can help ease the problems associated with joint problems as people age.

General Wear and Tear Increases Hip Pain

There are plenty of reasons why the hips become painful as people. A leading cause of hip pain is osteoarthritis, caused by the gradual wearing down of the hip joint’s cartilage. This general wear and tear on the joints can make walking and climbing stairs difficult.

Muscles Weaken Over Time

The aging process can take a toll on the body’s muscles. Exercise is needed to keep the body strong and the joints supple. The weakening of muscles is a cause of hip pain, with weak hip muscles leading to misalignments. When the muscles are weak, painful hip joints are commonly seen.

Weight Gain and Inactivity

The aging process often leads to a sedentary lifestyle, with obesity and inactivity causing problems. Staying active and eating a healthy diet will limit the pain felt by a patient. Gaining weight adds to the pressure of weakened muscles, with inactivity adding to joint stiffening.

Degenerative Disc Disease Radiates to the Hips

Hip pain does not need to be based around the painful joint. Degenerative disc disease affects the spine but radiates through the hip joint.

The answer to how does age impact the prevalence of hip pain and are there age-related factors to consider is easy to answer. The combination of weakened muscles and lifestyle issues can add to the problem of hip pain. To learn more about hip and knee pain treatment in Peoria, AZ, contact QC Kinetix (Peoria). View Testimonials

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