How does the Brazilian blowout work?

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Salons

Firstly, know that a Brazilian Blowout is a treatment technique and a brand. Plainly put, the name of the business is, you guessed it, the Brazilian Blowout. The treatment technique is referred to as a keratin treatment and you’ll find additional brands available.

The non-scientific, simple answer is that a Brazilian Blowout is a keratin sealant hair treatment. Keratin includes the protein the hair is made of. The hair has microscopic cracks inside the cuticle cause by damage. In case you were wondering, the cuticle includes the outermost portion of the hair shaft. The more serious the cracks, the more serious the frizz. Those microscopic cracks will absorb moisture and that is why your hair will get ultra-frizzy on humid days.

It is simple:

  1. Seal cracks
  2. Create smooth surface.
  3. Viola! You have stopped the frizz. Your hair will be healthy and smooth.

After completely washing the hair, probably 3 – 4 times, your stylist will utilize a unique heating iron to seal the keratin to the hair. The process only should take around 90 minutes and will have almost no restrictions on what you’re able to do to the hair after the treatment.

Most individuals confuse the Brazilian Blowout with the method of Japanese hair straightening. They aren’t the same thing. The Japanese method utilizes chemicals to straighten and relax your hair.

Best Candidates For Brazilian Blowout
Good candidates for a Brazilian Blowout include anyone with damaged, frizzy, or processed hair. Some stylists have performed this treatment on every hair type, and hair which was permed, extensions and Japanese straightened. In doing that, they found that with a well-considered application and proper communication, everyone may benefit from a Brazilian Blowout treatment.

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