There are many solutions for air conditioning from portable, split air conditioners to wall units to central air conditioners. Choosing the one that’s right for you can get quite complicated as all these systems vary in performance, cost and energy ratings. You need to consider many factors before selecting your air conditioning near Arlington Heights.

Size matters for Air Conditioning

Selecting the right sized air conditioning is very important. A smaller system for a larger area would require the air conditioning unit to work more. This will result in poor cooling and higher energy bills.

On the other hand an oversized system will cool faster but will have a frequent on/off cycle. This has a negative impact on the system’s life expectancy and maintenance cost. This also results in poor humidity levels of the interior.

Cooling capacity of air conditioners is specified in terms of BTU (British Thermal Unit) and a small system starts with the rating of 5000 BTU which is the required capacity to cool a small area of 100-150 square feet. To check the cooling capacity you need in the air conditioner for your house, calculate the size of the area that needs to be cooled. There are several on-line calculators that can be used or your air conditioning contractor can evaluate and provide recommendations.

Energy Efficiency EER and SEER ratings for Air Conditioning

EER is the Energy Efficiency Rating and is defined as the cooling capacity from a certain amount of electricity. A higher rating of EER means that the energy efficiency of the unit will be higher. Air Conditioners with higher EER will cool faster using lesser electricity.

SEER is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and is used to rate the cooling capacity of the central air-conditioners while EERs are used for the window or smaller air-conditioners. A higher SEER rating on an air-conditioner means higher energy efficiency.

Air conditioners with higher EER and SEER ratings are generally costlier. To get the most out of your investment compare the upfront cost with the reduction in the monthly energy bills achieved by the higher ratings.

Other relevant features when selecting Air Conditioning

With multiple brands and several manufacturers’ line available in the market look for the features that makes the maintenance easier for you. Variable air direction is preferable as the air gets distributed around instead of a single draft. The position of air filters should be such that it is easy to remove, clean or replace them. Regular cleaning of filters is important to improve the indoor air quality. A silent motor and air exchanger to keep the air fresh are other desirable features. Check if the model comes with the mounting kits for window or wall mounted air conditioners or else you will need to buy the mounting kits separately.

Use online tools or talk to an air conditioning contractor near Arlington Heights to balance the upfront cost of the air conditioning system with the energy efficiency of the air-conditioners. Contact Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning to know more.