How Live-in and In-Home Companion Care Helps Seniors

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Many people may not be aware that when it comes to companion care for their loved one, they have options. With mobile care becoming more and more popular, it may be easy to forget that a lot of mobile care trends were inspired by in-home companion care practices. We’re going to look at the differences between this and live-in companion care in order to help you or a loved one make the best choice possible when it comes to senior care.

How a Live-in Companion Program Works

People who are aging typically do not like to leave their homes. The home is a place of memories, convenience, and where they have formed a long list of habits and behaviors they depend on. However, as the effects of age or sickness begin to set in, it may become harder and harder for them to live independently. In a live-in situation, the care is provided by a home care service. Professionals come out to the residence of the senior and provide services right within the comforts of the home. The primary differentiating factor is that care is provided 24/7. The objective is to make it so the senior can remain in their home—a place of comfort—for as long as possible.

A live-in companion can perform a vast array of services. Some of these include meal preparation, grooming of the senior, bathing the senior, cleaning the house and transportation to appointments and to places they wish to travel.

How an In-Home Companion Program Works

In-home care is quite different from live-in care. The biggest difference is the length of the visits. There is no arrangement for 24/7 care. Instead, a person will drop in and leave a relatively short while after. The purpose of the visit is usually very specific and may be to help with an essential task such as cleaning, cooking, helping the senior bathe or provide transportation. An in-home senior companion program in Washington DC can be provided by friends, family members, or members of religious or other associations with which the senior is connected.

If you know a senior who may be in need of either a live-in or in-home companion program in the Washington DC area, you can reach out to Capital City Nurses at You can also call at 866-807-7307.

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