When it comes to shingles, there are a couple of different options. Traditionally, homes have used three-tab shingles. These can be seen in the majority of homes in any neighborhood. In contrast, some modern homes are moving towards dimensional shingles. Despite this trend, three-tab roofing in Peachtree City, GA, still provides many benefits.

A Further Look at Three-Tab Roofing

The term three-tab shingles refer to a specific type of roofing. Generally, you will find three separate tabs that are about a foot wide. These are layered on top of the roof in a uniform pattern. It is easy to tell if you have a three-tab roof because the surface appears to be smooth. In contrast, dimensional shingles have tiles protruding from the surface. In addition, three-tab shingles are made from asphalt materials to help with water resistance.

Beneficial Properties

Three-tab roofing in Peachtree City, GA, can provide some great benefits for your home. First, these shingles weigh over 200 pounds per square unit. This means that they are great for resisting fairly high wind speeds. Also, three-tab shingles are more economical when it comes to pricing. This can help when you really need a new roof but don’t have a big budget. Finally, three-tab shingles may come with a warranty that will provide you some reassurance over the years.

In Summary

Even though they have been around for a while, three-tab shingles are still the way to go for most homes. Also, be sure to consider what color of shingles will be best for your climate. Darker colors are good for colder areas that need to absorb as much heat as possible.