When people are lost they go to a life coach for help. But a life coach must have the proper training to help them make necessary changes in their lives. If they are not ICF accredited they cannot guide people on their journey toward success. If you wish to become a qualified and accredited life coach, you will have to take the following steps discussed below.

Sign up for a Course

Nowadays, many online training centers are offering different training courses. This helps people as they can study without having to leave their homes. But not all such schools and institutes follow a standard lesson plan.

The first step you must take is to sign up for an ICF accredited life coach training course. Choosing the right institute for such a course is very important. For instance, the Life Purpose Institute is accredited and offers training courses that can accelerate your journey toward becoming a life coach.

Get Experience

Experience is essential in any field, but in certain industries, it is considered a part of the qualification of a professional. Without experience, it is impossible to achieve success in any field.
You will have to complete the required coaching experience hours to get your accreditation. So, once you have completed your course, you can begin working as a coach to complete your experience hours.

Take the Assessment Test

The International Coaching Federation also conducts a test to ensure that an applicant is qualified for the role of a life coach. After completing your required experience hours, you can access ICF and submit your documents to the federation. If you do well on the assessment, you will get ICF accredited and start your career as a qualified life coach.