How to Choose a Commercial Telephone System in Seattle, WA

by | May 20, 2019 | Telecommunications

Most modern consumers have moved away from home phones for personal use, but businesses just don’t have the luxury of using cell phones for official communications. They do, however, have a few different options available when it comes to choosing a Telephone System in Seattle WA. Read on to find out about a few of the different communications systems available for help deciding which one will be the best fit.

VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP phone systems utilize a company’s existing data cabling and routers to facilitate voice calls over the internet. Since business owners can set their routers to give priority to voice calls, there’s no need for worrying about whether or not calls will be able to go through. This is a perfect solution for companies that have multiple offices whose employees share one voice mail system or have some employees that work from home since it can accommodate all of them via one main communications server.

Digital Hybrid Phone Systems

These less expensive systems offer almost all of the same benefits of VOIP, allowing business owners and their employees to connect multiple locations together and run off-site phones for those who work from home. These systems can be used with digital phone sets that make it easy to maintain professionalism in communication without going over-budget.

Hosted Phone Service

It may cost a little bit more to install and maintain this type of Telephone System in Seattle WA, but business owners that can afford the extra cost tend to find that it’s well worth the money. It uses dedicated data cabling and internet service just for voice calls, eliminating any issues with priority use. Companies that provide hosted services tend to charge per phone on a monthly basis, making it perfect for short-term scenarios in which a long-term contract would be impractical.

How to Choose

Since every business is different, every business has different communication needs and priorities. This makes it impossible to make a blanket statement regarding which of these phone systems will be the right fit for all business owners. The best thing they can do is to contact a company that offers all three of these systems to get an unbiased opinion about which one will offer the best value for the money.

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