After an investigation, property owners must hire a crime scene cleaning company in Washington to clean and restore the area; however, a regular cleaning company isn’t the ideal choice. You must find a company specializing in biohazard cleanup to eliminate hazards and ensure safety.


The first step is finding a crime scene cleaning company in Washington with experience. Reputable companies have a long history of completing these projects successfully, eliminating all hazards to restore health and safety. Ask about how many projects they handle each year and their processes to help you choose the best company.

Biohazard Waste Disposal

Crime scenes involve many biohazards that require appropriate disposal. An experienced crime scene cleaning company in Washington will know the best methods for disposing of biohazards and sanitizing properties. They understand the risks of leaving the most negligible traces behind and focus on cleaning thoroughly. They even deodorize the area to eliminate foul smells.

OSHA and EPA Compliance

Another critical element of a good crime scene cleaning company in Washington is their regulatory compliance. OSHA and the EPA have strict guidelines for cleaning biowaste and other hazards often found at crime scenes. Ask any cleaning company about their knowledge of these regulations and any certifications proving they meet the appropriate standards.

If you’re looking for a reliable crime scene cleaning company in Washington, visit Bio Management Northwest.