Many people have the misconception that all limousine services are alike. This is not true, especially for the Washington, D.C. area which is home to many limo companies. Here is how to pick a good Limos service in DC area.

Ask for Recommendations

If you have trusted friends, co-workers or family members in the metro Washington, D. C. area that you know have used a limo service recently, ask them if they could recommend their limo service to you. Although positive word of mouth recommendations are ideal for finding a Limo service Washington DC you should not choose one solely on the basis of a good recommendation.

Check with the BBB

Check out the website of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for the Metro Washington, D. C. area. You can check for a list of limousine services rated by the BBB or look up information if specific limo service names. If you do not have a list of business names yet, scroll down to the bottom of the BBB homepage. Click on “Browse Listings By Type of Business.” Click on “L” and scroll down to “Limousine Service.”

Understandable Charges

Never choose a Limo service Washington DC strictly on price alone. Some “bargain” limo services are really no bargain because they slip in strange charges or fees. You also have to factor in fuel charges and a tip for the driver. Ask the limo service company what the total cost of your service will be. Also see if you can negotiate for deals or a lower cost. Don’t assume that an advertised price on a slick website is the total cost you will ultimately pay.

Consider Your Carbon Footprint

Hummer limos have become very popular in recent years, but they burn up large amounts of fuel. If you are worried about the environment, find out what vehicle you will be assigned. If you are offered a choice, choose the smallest limo possible to keep your carbon footprint from getting too large. Large stretch limos are actually more environmentally friendly for large groups than if each member of the group took an individual car to an event.

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