How to Choose a New Garage Door

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Garage Doors

So you’ve decided to install a new garage door in your home, or you’ve just built a home and need to decide on the model of a garage door. With so many different choices available, it’s hard to know what is best, or even why the distinctions matter. It can be a very important decision though, since the garage door will be one of many points of access to your home, and you don’t want to choose poorly. Here is a quick rundown of what you need to keep in mind when getting a new garage door installation in Cicero.

Garages are not one-size fits all. Make sure you know the exact dimensions of where the door will go, and bring those exact specifications to the contractor that you choose to work with. Not only the height and width, but also the depth of the garage doorway. It’s important to be as precise as possible.

Paneled garage doors come with several different panel designs to choose from. This is generally an aesthetic choice, and will vary highly depending on what kind of home you live in:
   * Flush Panels – these flat, slightly textured panels will draw little attention themselves, instead of drawing the eye to the walls and trim surrounding.

   * Long Raised Panels – these are more three-dimensional, providing more depth to the door. This is the most common form of garage door panels.

   * Short Raised Panels – these are similar to long raised panels, but are more detailed and intricate, perfect for homes with complex trim.

   * Carriage House Panels – this is a much more colonial or Victorian look, giving somewhat of a barn-door impression. This panel option has the most character, but only fits in with some house designs.
Furthermore, it is possible to get solid doors, that doesn’t roll up in panels, but rather go up in one solid movement. This is much less common nowadays, but does still exist.

Most modern garage doors are made of steel, as it is both sturdy and pliable. The steel can be painted any color, to make sure that it matches the home. These steel doors come in three different constructed forms, single, double, and triple-layer doors. The single layer doors are just a single sheet of metal, separated into panels. This is the least expensive option. Further layers increase a door’s security and insulation.

Whatever option you choose, it’s vitally important to go with a contractor you trust. Speak to at least three different contractors, find out their rates, look at reviews, and ask for references. It’s an entryway into your home, and you need to be pragmatic about it. Visit to know more information.

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