How To Choose a Reliable Storage Facility in Sumner, WA For Your Business Offsite business storage facilities are common for many businesses in many industries. It is an excellent place to store overflow equipment, merchandise, office supplies, seasonal decor, marketing materials, retail products, etc. However, with so many companies offering the service, choosing a good storage facility in Sumner, WA can be challenging, meaning you must research and compare.


Consider what you want to store to help you determine the best storage facility size. You should also consider whether it is one huge room or a large facility with different rooms and floors. Storage facilities with different rooms make it easier to store different category items. It also makes finding and sorting items easier because it is hard to find items at the back in a large storage area.

Condition of the facility

Your storage facility’s condition will determine the condition of your items. Therefore, scrutinize the area for leaks, mold, and HVAC efficiency. You should also look for damages on the walls, floor, windows, doors, electric connections, plumbing, etc, and ensure the owner repairs them before you pay for it. That ensures your items remain in good condition, and you don’t pay extra for repairs when moving out.


The storage facility should have good security features like CCTV cameras, functional locks, solid doors and windows, and a strong wall. Some also have extra features like security access codes.

Location and accessibility

Where is the facility, and how far is it from your business? You should also consider if it is close to the road and the road’s conditions.


Costs vary depending on the facility’s size, condition, location, and renting company. Ask whether you will pay monthly and get a breakdown of everything the rent covers. All Season Warehouse is dedicated to offering you high-quality and secure storage and transportation services. Contact All Season Warehouse at to look at available storage facilities in Sumner, WA and book a tour.