Epoxy flooring has long been popular for commercial and industrial applications, but in recent years it has been gaining traction among residential homeowners, as well. It’s perfect for areas like garages and basements thanks to its stain-resistance and ease of maintenance.

The fact that Epoxy Flooring in New York is known for being virtually maintenance-free doesn’t mean that homeowners don’t ever have to clean it. It just means that it is much easier to clean than most other popular flooring types. Homeowners who have only recently jumped on board with the residential epoxy flooring trend can find some basic guidelines for how to keep it clean below.

Basic Weekly Maintenance

The best way to ensure that an epoxy floor remains as clean as possible is to perform some basic maintenance every week. All this takes is a soft dust mop or a soft bristle push broom and a few minutes of time. Sweeping or mopping once a week can remove dirt and dust, preventing scratches and keeping epoxy flooring looking beautiful for years.

Basic Monthly Maintenance

Most Epoxy Flooring in New York is seamless, but some residential applications require leaving visible cuts. When this is the case, a vacuum cleaner with a crevice attachment can be used to clean these joints once a month. Those who don’t have crevice tools for their vacuums can make do with a stiff bristle broom, instead.

Dealing With Spills

Epoxy floors are impressively stain-resistant but that doesn’t mean spilled liquids can just be left sitting indefinitely. Instead, clean up any spills as soon as they occur using a soft cloth. Sticky spills can be removed using Windex or another type of gentle cleanser.

Deep Cleaning

It’s a good idea to perform a deep cleaning every three months. Just dilute half a cup of cleaning solution in one gallon of hot water and use a hard foam mop to go over the entire floor. This is very helpful in garages, where automotive fluid spills might otherwise go unnoticed and eventually cause damage.

Hire a Professional for Repairs

With just these basic forms of maintenance, epoxy floors can be expected to last for years even under heavy traffic. When the need for repairs does arise, it’s always best to hire a professional. Check out Hoffmanfloorcovering.com to learn about one local company that can help today. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.