How To Clean Your Air Conditioning In Larchmont

by | Jul 13, 2012 | Business

Air conditioning equipment must be kept clean as air conditioners in Larchmont can be a breeding ground for mold. It does not take long for household dust and lint particles to accumulate on the cooling fins of the unit. As air conditioners condense water from the air, the dust very rapidly becomes damp and there is no better medium for mold than damp dust. The mold growth will be slowed when the unit is running and cold, but between cycles or during a period when the air conditioner is not needed, the mold can have a field day. Cleaning you air conditioning unit regularly not only removes the growth of mold, the unit will run much more efficiently and cost less to run.

Depending on your patience, cleaning an air conditioner is not all that difficult. If patience is not one of your strong suits, then calling in a professional is recommended. To clean air conditioning in Larchmont there is a need for a few basic tools. A vacuum cleaner, long handled brush, rags, de-greaser and a container of sorts and a few screw drivers will do the job.

To get the process moving, the first thing to do is to remove the front filter. Once you get the filter out you can determine if it’s a disposable type or the type that can be cleaned. If it is disposable then simply replace it, if it is re-usable the cleaning process is straight forward. Lay it flat in the sink or bath tub and sprinkle it with laundry detergent, submerge the filter in an inch of water or so and let it soak for 15-20 minutes. The accumulated dirt will loosen and can be rinsed off easily, hang it vertically and let it drip dry.

Remove the front grill, usually the grille can be lifted to disengage the locking clips and then swung forward to lift it off the hinges. Once the metal cover is exposed from behind the grille, remove the screws holding it in place and remove it. Keep all the screws and fasteners that are removed in the container. You can now see the fan motor, check and locate the oil holes. Do not over lubricate the air conditioning Larchmont fan motor; a couple of drops will be more than enough. Now, use the brush to remove any surface dust from the front fins. Brush the fins in an up and down motion, not sideways. Spray the fins with degreaser and after 15 minutes flush with water, repeat this for the back condenser fins.

Wipe any dirt from the fan blades, careful not to distort them for fear of vibration. Once the cleaning process is over, vacuum all surfaces thoroughly, not forgetting the underside. If there is any water left in the base dry it.

Reinstall the front grille and the filter and test the unit, listening for any rattles etc. which need to be rectified.

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