During your high school years, the question was, “where are you going to college?” and now that you are finally there the question becomes, “what are you going to major in?” Many young people have difficulty in making the decision. Perhaps asking yourself a few self-examining questions are in order.

What is it I really love doing?

Knowing yourself, your likes and your dislikes are of critical importance when choosing your major. If you have it in mind that medicine is the way you want to go, but you can’t stand chemistry, then chances are medicine is not for you after all. Regardless of the major you choose, most people end up with two or three career changes during their lifetime so choose a major that lights the fire in your belly, a subject that gets you excited.

What am I good at?

If you find yourself being asked all kinds of questions in biology, or you get a constant stream of rave revues for your art, then perhaps you have a natural talent that will lead you naturally to where your skills lie. If you have a particularly strength in a certain subject the chances of an invitation from colleges in Washington for graduate school or gaining a fellowship are quite strong.

What do I want to do?

Whatever it is that you want to do, perhaps become a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher; don’t limit yourself to the path normally taken when majoring in a subject. You may have a career goal in mind, but you may also have a love for something outside the norm. The pursuit of your long terms professional goals while continuing to explore your personal interests can definitely be a bonus if you attend grad school.

What skills do I want to learn?

If you have a love of the theatre, and you want to follow it after graduation, then it behooves you to bear in mind all the other skills you will need. Perhaps the day will come when you get a chance to run a theatre company, at that time, you will need an understanding of marketing, public-relations, customer service, etc. Pick your major from the colleges in Washington that stirs you intellectually but also provides practical subjects that you may need later in your career.

What external factors need consideration?

Many students are influenced by additional factors such as family, debt and cultural demands. Following your set path is important, but it’s equally important to recognize that these external influences on you will have an impact on your life after graduation, whether you like it or not. When you choose a major that provides harmony between your personal dreams, and outside expectations you will find the situation more manageable.

When you are considering your major at any of the colleges in Washington, you may want to settle on one of the sixty areas of study offered at Northwest Nazarene University. Majors in the humanities, engineering, pre-med as well as many more are available for pursuit.