If you and your partner have been struggling to conceive a child, there are plenty of options that can give you hope. One method to consider is in vitro fertilization or IVF pregnancy in San Francisco, CA. While there’s still no guarantee will work for everyone, it does offer hope to many couples who have tried other methods for getting pregnant. To increase your chances for a successful pregnancy, use the following tips.

Shed Those Extra Pounds
Before starting this process, you should take some time to lose weight if you’re obese. The need for weight loss has to do with the increased difficulty of ensuring a healthy pregnancy through IVF in overweight women. Too much body fat makes a healthy pregnancy four times less likely, and excess body fat makes it more difficult to retrieve the eggs.

Improve Sperm Health
Lifestyle changes aren’t just limited to the woman. The male in the relationship should do his part to ensure his sperm is as healthy as possible. Losing weight and maintaining a good physique is also important for the male’s sperm health. Additionally, he should wear boxers instead of briefs, and he can consult his doctor about medications that boost sperm count.

Make More Lifestyle Changes
IVF pregnancy in San Francisco, CA, will be more successful if you take the time to make healthier lifestyle changes. This should include quitting smoking and drinking fewer alcoholic beverages. Stress relief is also important since a high level of stress hormones can adversely impact the fertilization process.

If you and your partner need fertility help, you can explore your options when you visit Laurel Fertility Care online.