Local search engine optimization will be more crucial than ever in 2023. In fact, Safari Digital reports that 97% of users used online search to look for local businesses last year.

If you own a business in Dallas, keeping an eye on these trends is essential. Here are some tips that can help you organically improve your local search engine rankings.

Create a Google Business Profile

One way to get your Dallas business listed online for free is to use Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). By setting up a listing, you can control how your company appears in Google services like Search and Maps. If you claim your business on Google, your customers will know more about your local business, like when it’s open, where it’s located, and how to reach you.

Optimize On-site SEO Factors

There are several on-site SEO factors that you need to pay close attention to and get right to rank locally. Your Dallas location page needs original, descriptive content that focuses on your products and services. You can promote your business by including high-quality pictures of the building and writing about what makes it special. The next step is to have the location and keyword in your website’s H1 headings and metadata. When optimizing a page for search engines, keep these in mind.

External and Internal Link Building

Local search engine optimization also relies heavily on backlinks. When determining page rank, Google considers the number and quality of sites linking back to yours. If authoritative sites link back to yours, your position in search engine results pages can improve. On the other hand, internal links are handy for driving traffic and generating leads. Local SEO companies near Dallas can help you build quality links.

Wrapping Up

Local SEO has evolved into an essential component of any marketing strategy. Google Business Profile, optimizing on-site factors, and building backlinks are just a few ways your Dallas company can boost its local SEO and broaden its reach.