How To Evaluate Dealers Offering New International Trucks For Sale In Texas

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Automotive

If you have made the decision to buy a new International truck, then you want to make sure you are buying from a top dealer in Texas. These trucks are considered by many to be the best trucks on the road today, with the reputation for quality, dependability and long life cycle a part of the brand.

The number of new International trucks for sale by dealers in the state will vary by location and by area. In general, you will find dealers concentrated around the major metropolitan areas, but a few in the smaller cities. International offers a full line of big rigs as well as specialized trucks for construction, dump trucks, local delivery and specialized types of services such as sanitation and mixer trucks.

The company also makes a full line of utility trucks, tow trucks, tankers and fire and emergency vehicles. This experience in all types of heavy duty vehicles and severe use vehicles makes them a go-to choice for durable, dependable trucks for any type of use.


Before even visiting any dealership offering new International trucks for sale, take the time to do an online search of the company. This is a simple search you can do in a few minutes to find out how other people experienced working with the sales staff and dealership.

Look for positive comments and feedback about the transaction. This includes being provided with information, not being pressured into a purchase and being educated about the options available and the different package options.

Service Features

When you buy a new International trucks for sale service in the future is not the most important factor on your mind. However, when the dealership also offers a parts and service department specializing in International vehicles, this is certainly a factor to consider.

Look for not just current and immediate service but also the longevity of the business. This will give you the confidence to know that the dealership will be there in a few years if you need work done.

Finally, always go into the dealership informed. With all the different apps and online resources, it is easy to compare the prices and features offered on new International trucks for sale between different dealership. This is helpful in comparing the complete spectrum of features offered by dealers throughout the state and choosing the one that is right for your budget and your trucking needs.

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