If you have made the decision to get fit and healthy, you may be wondering what to do now. You’ve taken the first step, but you know the next steps (starting a routine and sticking with it) are going to be difficult. Your best option is to find a personal trainer in Johns Island SC to help, but there are many out there, making it difficult to find someone that fits your personality and needs. They can be found almost anywhere (even online), which can be both bad and good. Therefore, you need to learn how to start your search and what to look for in a coach.

Starting Out

Most people go to their local gym to find someone, which can be an excellent option. Gyms usually have multiple trainers, so you’re more likely to find someone that meshes well with you. If you can’t stand the gym or are embarrassed to go, you may do well with private trainers instead. You can usually find them with a quick internet search. Once you have a few options, you can consider the tips below to help you choose one.


Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer in Johns Island SC, but they should be certified so you know they are legitimate and have the experience necessary to help you. Trainers can get a certification from many reputable organizations. They can also get a degree in the fitness or exercise field to show their qualifications. Some of the widely recognized organizations include NASM, NSCA, ACE, and AFAA. They should also know first aid and CPR in case something untoward happens during your session.


Their job is to motivate you, but you should have an idea of what does the job for you. Most people don’t do well with people yelling at them like an Army sergeant, but you may like someone to get “tough” with you when you want to quit. Others prefer more gentle encouragement and positive reinforcement. Once you have an idea of your motivation needs, you can seek out someone with the same style.


You need to be able to talk to or see previous client transformations to ensure that they can do what they promise. Whether you want to add muscle, lose weight or train for a particular event, you need to ensure that the person you select can do so.

Finding a personal trainer in Johns Island SC can seem difficult, but can be easy if you know where to look.