When you need collision repair, it is common for estimates to vary from one shop to another. One may quote you a price of $500, while a competitor may want double that amount for the same work. You may not know how to make the best choice, or when it’s OK to economize. Below, you will find some tips for choosing the ideal Body Shop In Chicago.

Get Some Recommendations
All businesses advertise, but you will be much better off with a shop endorsed by people you know. Shops recommended by friends and family know how to make people happy, and the best local shops may not always be the biggest. If you are lucky, you may be directed to a shop where the owner does all his own work. Hands-on shop owners are more relatable, and you will come away with a better sense of what’s happening with your car.

Consider the Shop’s Location
It’s easy to lose money on a repair job when labor hours start adding up. Labor rates vary by shop and by location. Shops with large staffs instill confidence in some people, but they often give ‘padded’ estimates. Look for a shop that uses a reference guide to estimate the time needed to perform your repairs.

Get Competitive Quotes
Getting quotes from different shops is the easiest way to avoid being ‘taken for a ride’. However, price should not be your only consideration; like so many other things in life, with collision repair, you sometimes get what you pay for. Ideally, you should go to a shop that matches estimates on similar work.

Ask Questions
When you are looking for a Body Shop In Chicago, you shouldn’t go in with a blank check. Ask questions about warranty length and coverage, and whether the shop has theft or fire insurance. Other good questions to ask are:

1. Is the shop licensed?
2. How long have you been in business?
3. Do you use new, aftermarket or used parts?
4. If you are painting my car, how many coats will you use?

When choosing a collision repair shop, it is important to follow your intuition. If the shop is quiet, there may be a reason why. If it’s disorganized and dirty, that may be a reflection of the quality of work done there. Carefully choose your shop, and your repair experience will be as hassle-free as possible.