No one plans to have a problem with their move, but it happens all too often in the Tulsa area. In fact, when most people are asked about their most memorable move, it is typically a move that ended in some type of disastrous experience.

There is really only one way to avoid these types of moving day problems. Choosing from the best moving companies in the Tulsa area is the easiest way to prevent these nightmares from becoming part of your moving day experience.

Ask for Recommendations

A great place to start a search for the best moving companies is to talk to friends, colleagues, and neighbors who have recently moved into or out of the area. Ask them for names of moving companies they recommend, as well as names of moving services to avoid.

Another place to ask for recommendations is through your Realtor as they are always dealing with people moving in or out of the city.

Do Your Research

Always take the time to do research even with a recommendation. Not all moves are the same, and it is possible for different customers to require a variety of services to complete the move.

Check out online reviews on different websites, and look for patterns in the feedback. The best moving companies have positive feedback from customers and also address any customer complaints.

Ask Questions

Once the number of movers under consideration is narrowed down to three or less, make phone calls or request an online quote. Compare prices, services, and reputation of the company before making a final choice.

Book the Mover in Advance

One of the biggest causes of problems on a moving day is waiting too late to book a quality moving company. Ideally, book your move as soon as you have the dates set for the move to avoid disappointment.