More than ever, staying connected is critical to help ensure sustainability and peace of mind. However, the cost to stay connected is starting to become too expensive, forcing you to choose between losing communication capabilities and sacrificing other necessities.

Challenging Times

It is with no doubt that global events have caused a ripple effect when it comes to rising costs for virtually everything from groceries and fuel to mobile phone services. But, in this day and age, everyone needs to stay connected with family and employers as it is not a privilege, it is a right. A mobile phone that includes services like unlimited calling, text messaging, and data are essential in today’s modern and ever-evolving world. So, how can you afford to buy a mobile phone with service without the high costs involved?

Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs

If you currently participate in a government assistance program, then you may be eligible to qualify for a free mobile phone with service. The Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs will help you stay in contact with emergency services, your employers, and your family at no cost to you.

Where or How to Apply

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