How to get Pennsylvania auto tags

by | Feb 19, 2013 | Insurance

If you have just moved into the state of Pennsylvania, you have only 20 days in which to establish your residency and get your auto tags in Philadelphia. To allow for the registration of your vehicles, when you go to the Department of Transportation, you will need the following:

* The title to your vehicle that has been issued in your name from the state you are moving from

* Proof that you have Pennsylvania insurance; this proof can be in the form of a valid insurance identity card, the declaration page from the policy or a copy of the insurance application that has been made.

* Photo identification, preferably your current driver’s license

* A tracing of the VIN, vehicle identification number

* If the car has a lien against it, a document giving the lien holders name and address, along with a contact phone number

The information on the holder of the lien on the vehicle is needed as the DOT needs to contact the lien holder to get the current title prior to issuing the auto insurance rates in Philadelphia.

The DOT imposes a charge for the title, once the title has been granted you will pay an annual registration fee and at that time you will be given the registration plate, registration card and sticker. The vehicle has to be registered every year. If you had been a resident of the state you are moving from for more than six months, there will be no need for you to pay sales tax, however, if you had the car for less than six months, you will be required to pay sales tax based on the difference between the Pennsylvania rate and the rate of your previous state.

Vehicle inspection:

Once you have registered the vehicle, you have a further ten days to have it safety inspected. The inspection must be done at a state-approved station which is often a repair shop or a service station that has repair facilities. The equipment in the vehicle that will be checked includes lights, horn, the brakes, tires, exhaust and another host of components. The fees for the inspection will be posted at the station.

Emission test:

The federal EPA mandates that vehicles in certain counties in Pennsylvania be subjected to an emission test. The test covers all gasoline-powered cars, vans and light trucks and is performed in service stations which carry a sign indicating that they have been certified by PennDOT. The fees for the test vary so it is suggested that the motorist shop around.

Within sixty days of taking up residency in Pennsylvania, all drivers must obtain a driver’s license. The license is available when you appear in person at any licensing center.

The Imperial Agency is authorized by the PennDOT to provide you auto tag services. They can help with all the necessary documentation and provide assistance for all your vehicle registration needs.

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