There’s no better way to spend summer than having fun on the water, but you don’t have to hang up your water towables and inner tubes for boats just because the days grow colder. The seasons might change, but you can still find plenty of ways to spend time on the lake or at the beach. Here are three ways to have fun on the water all year long.

Go Fishing

As summer winds down and the water gets too cold for swimming, a day of fishing is a great way to enjoy your boat. Fish’s food supply dwindles and becomes more spread out in the fall, which means they will be swarming and ready to bite.

Join the Polar Bear Club

A freezing cold lake may seem less than tempting, but taking a chilly dip like a polar bear is a great way to build character. You can also break out your boat and water towables for a thrilling ride.

Ride in a Tube

Are you itching to get out on the water every spring? Riding on towable inner tubes for boats lets you enjoy the water before it warms up enough for a good swim.

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