How To Identify And Remove Bed Bugs

by | Jan 2, 2013 | Home And Garden

Having a good and restful night of sleep is something that every person around the globe needs. Unfortunately, there are many people that are robbed of this glorious opportunity by the presence of bed bugs. These tiny little creatures can wreak havoc on your bedding as well as your daily life. If you are having issues with your sleep and you are not sure why then it is possible that your bedding is infested with bed bugs. The following list will help you to identify and remove these pests without much hassle. If however your bedding situation is much worse, it could be necessary to contact a professional pest controller to deal with the issue.

Bed bugs re a serious issue that affect over forty percent of the nation. That means that on average, four out of every ten people are infested with bed bugs. Now most people think that bed bugs come from a dirty lifestyle but that is not always the case. There have been many conformed cases of these pests being found in upscale, and heavily maintained homes and hotels. So the first question that comes to mind is how to identify if bed bugs are in fact in your bed. Many times this is easy to determine based on a little eye test. Contrary to popular opinion bed bugs are not microscopic. These pests are small and they are hard to see, however, these pests can be seen with the naked eye. Give your mattress and your bedding a thorough looking over. If you notice small black/brown spots that are moving then you have bed bugs. Another way to determine if your bedding is infested with these critters is by looking for small drops of blood. Bed bugs like to eat blood and meat, your meat. If there are tiny blood spots on your covers then there is a high probability that you have a bed bug infestation.

The next question is how to rid yourself of these pesky vermin. The easiest way to remove bed bugs is by removing all sheets and comforters from the bed and washing them in a bleach solution in hot water. Second, bed bugs can live in your mattress so it is important that you remove your mattress. Mattresses are tough to deep clean and can hold moisture for several days. In many cases the experts will advise you to remove and replace your mattress. In addition to this it is also important that you thoroughly wash your bed frame with a bleach solution since these bugs can hide and crawl on the frame of your bed. It would also be beneficial to have your carpets cleaned professionally. This is the best way to remove all traces of bed bugs.

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