How to Keep Track of Your Dog at Night

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Shopping

Much like the age-old question of whether the toilet paper goes over or under, people have been asking ‘how do you keep track of your pets at night?’  With today’s technology and growing market for pet supplies, there are now many solutions to that issue.

Both a dog collar and leash are necessary for day or night walks with your pet.  Collars are the most basic necessity and are essential for training.  Leashes are an extension of the collar and allow owners to keep a hold of their pets.

Any type of collar and leash combo will work during the day.  There are leather, polyester and other material options.  There are 4-foot, 6-foot and retractable options, too.  At night, however, light up dog leashes are the only way to go.  The light up dog leash allows you and your dog to be seen and will quickly make you the talk of the neighborhood.

In conjunction with light up dog leashes, light up dog collars are available.  Not only does the collar make a complete lighted set, it increases you and your dog’s visibility.  Visibility is crucial for night time walking and other activities.  The light from the light up dog leashes and collars allows traffic to see you in enough time to slow down and proceed with caution.  Another advantage is the light from the collar helps you to know where your dog is in your yard when he insists on going out one more time before bedtime.

Since most lighted leashes having a simple switch to turn them on, you can use it during the day as a regular leash.  Then when the sun goes down, with a flip of a switch you have a lighted leash that helps with safety.

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