Getting an oil change is an important part of regular vehicle upkeep, but many experts disagree on how often you should do so. When you can’t be sure if it’s every 3,000 miles – no considered outdated advice – or every three months as today’s service providers are more likely to recommend, here is a list of signs that your vehicle needs an oil change right away:

Oil Color

Dark or dirty motor oil is a great indicator that it’s time to get yours changed. This is caused by dirt, debris and particulate matter collecting in the fluid and making it thicker and darker. This affects the efficiency of your car’s oil, so when the oil becomes too dirty it needs to be changed. If you’re looking for a good timeline for checking the appearance of your oil, once a month should be fine.

Unusual Sounds

When driving, listen for knocking or grinding noises from your engine. This is a big sign that something may be wrong with your vehicle. Thankfully, one of the problems it may indicate is simply a need for changing your oil, a quick and inexpensive fix.

Unpleasant Scents

Are you seeing thick, dark smoke emitting from your tailpipe? Are you or your passengers smelling oil or burning scents while riding in your car’s cabin – even with closed windows? If so, there is likely something wrong with your car’s oil. Head to a garage to get it changed and your vehicle assessed.

The Obvious

Of course, if your car gives you the obvious sign of an oil change or engine service light, it’s time to head to a garage and have your vehicle serviced.

Ready to get a Lewisville, TX oil change? Contact your nearest garage or automotive service provider to get it changed and get yourself and your vehicle back on the road in no time!