Most homeowners are taken by surprise when a water heater fails, but there are signs to watch for other than a waterlogged basement or soaked carpet. Customers can avoid the damage and disruption of a water heater failure by paying attention to the four indicators below.


In most cases, a water heater over ten years old is a viable candidate for replacement. If the heater is in a place where there won’t be much damage in the event of a leak, homeowners can wait to replace the unit until trouble develops, but this strategy isn’t recommended. However, if the heater is in a place where serious damage can result, it should be replaced after ten years, or sooner if any of the below symptoms occur.

Rust in the Water

If there’s rusty water coming from the water heater, it could indicate that the tank is rusting from the inside. This means that water heater repairs in San Diego, CA may be imminent. If the home has galvanized piping, however, the problem may lie there. To avoid replacing a water heater unnecessarily, a contractor can drain a few gallons of water from the tank. If the water is still rusty after draining some away,  the water heater is likely to blame.

Noise and Rumbling

As a home’s water heater gets older, sediment will gradually build on the tank bottom. As sediment heats and reheats, it hardens. When this occurs, the homeowner may hear a banging or rumbling noise as the unit heats up. These noises can be an indicator that the water heater is reaching the end of its lifespan.


If there’s moisture around the water heater, there may be a fracture or leak in the unit’s tank. As the metal becomes heated, it expands. If there are tiny cracks, water may seep out of the tank. Once the metal cools, the inner tank stops leaking. Before replacing a water heater, the contractor will ensure that there are no more leaks in the tank’s connections or fittings. The technician will also ensure that the pressure overflow pipe isn’t leaking. If there are no leaks in fittings and connections, it may be time for a water heater replacement from a San Diego, CA contractor. For more updates, visit our website.

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