How to Live the Best College Student Lifestyle Possible in Cullowhee

by | Oct 26, 2023 | student Housing Center

You are absolutely excited to finally leave behind your high school life for an independent college lifestyle. You have been packing only the belongings you will need to help ensure academic success. After all, you will be living a new life as a new you once you step foot on the WCU campus.

Community Living

Here you are, preparing for your move, when all of a sudden, a thought comes to mind. Who will be your roommate, and do you have the option to choose? Ideally, you would want to live with a like-minded person who has the same goals as you. Not to mention, you want a trustworthy roommate who will respect your privacy and your things. However, you have been told that you will not have the option to choose your roommate, leaving you nervous about your living arrangement at school. Here is some advice. You should consider renting an off-campus apartment. Here’s why.

Choose Your Roommate or Use Roommate Matching Services

Believe it or not, off-campus apartments near WCU will provide you with everything you need to help you gain peace of mind. You can choose your roommate or use matching services to ensure that you will be living the best college experience possible. So, what are you waiting for?

Live the Way You Want to Live Just Minutes from Campus

Are you now on your quest to find the best WCU student housing off-campus? Look no further than to the Riverwalk. They offer two-bedroom to three-bedroom fully furnished floorplans with access to a full set of world-class community amenities and roommate-matching services to help you live the best student life possible. Visit Riverwalk at to reserve your preferred placement at one the best WCU student housing in off-campus apartments near campus today.

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