Hardwood floors give your home a warm, luxurious feeling, but maintaining them is important. Like any natural material, hardwoods will deteriorate over time if not taken care of. Given the cost of installing new hardwood floors, it is well worth taking the time to keep your floors in the best possible condition. If your old flooring is too far gone, then you will need to hire someone to install new hardwood flooring in Naperville or your area.

Trim Pet’s Nails

If you have pets, especially large dogs, then trimming their nails is important to extending the life of your hardwood floors. Their claws can scratch the surface over time. While this can be repaired, it is going to reduce the life of your floors and repairs can be expensive. In order to repair a scratch, the floors would have to be sanded to below the scratch then re-sealed.

Don’t Use Soap

When you are cleaning your hardwoods, only use cleaners specifically advertised as being for hardwoods. Do not use dish soap or anything with citrus or oil in it. You should also avoid using a mop that is anything more than damp; it should never be soaked.

Avoid standing Water

Water is the enemy of hardwood floors. If you allow water to sit on your floors for too long, then it will damage the wood and can cause a bleaching effect. This will not only reduce the life of your floors but can cause damage that will have to be re-sealed to repair. If you notice any very light, almost white spots on your hardwoods, then this is likely due to water damage.

Maintaining your hardwood floors is important to getting the most life possible out of them. If you do maintain them properly, however, then they will last you for many years. In fact, properly maintained hardwoods can last for several hundred years, so keep that in mind next time you are looking to replace your floors.

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