Constructing a backyard swimming is a complex construction process that requires precise planning and preparation. Homeowners and pool builders need to communicate well with each other to ensure successful completion. Before any Swimming Pool Construction In Fayette County begins, here are some ways for homeowners to prepare.

Clear the Construction Site

While swimming pool builders are responsible for clearing the site of trees, dirt, rocks, and other natural obstacles, homeowners need to make sure any backyard clutter is moved from the space. This includes little things like children’s toys, but also larger objects like swing sets and lawn equipment. Crews need a lot of space for their equipment and anything in the way could get broken or slow down the construction process.

Allow Unrestricted Access to the Pool Site

Swimming pool construction takes several weeks from start to finish and homeowners can’t be home all the time to let crews onto their property. If the backyard is secured by a gate, leave it open or give the crew’s foreman the code, if applicable. Also, local municipal building authorities need to perform inspections at various points of the construction process. These inspections are rarely scheduled ahead of time and homeowners have the pool site accessible for drop-in visits.

Keep Children and Pets Away from the Site

Small children and pets get hurt around unsupervised pool sites. Prevent tragic accidents by making sure children don’t climb on equipment or play around the pool site.

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