If you decide to have your ducts cleaned by an air duct cleaning in Armonk NY or surrounding areas, ensuring you maintain a good preventative maintenance program is very important to ensure they stay clean and free of contamination. There are many simple ways that every home owner can ensure their air ducts remain clean and clear by implementing a simple maintenance program. Here are a few helpful hints to ensure you keep your air ducts clean and clear.

To make sure dirt does not enter the air duct system use the following techniques:

* Using a high-efficiency air filter which is recommended directly by your HVAC manufacture is the best way to keep dust and dirt outside your air duct system. When people use inferior filtration, this is the leading cause of most mechanical failures; whether it is for a car or any mechanical device. Selecting a generic filter to protect the air you breathe in the place you spend most of your time is not a good choice. So, make sure you use ONLY approved and verified filters for your specific HVAC system.

* Change your filters regularly. Just because you use the appropriate filtration system, does not always equal proper ventilation. Changing your filters out on regular intervals also recommended by the manufacture of your specific HVAC system is another important way you can keep your system functioning properly. Each HVAC System recommends different filter replacement periods based on multiple parameters; however, it’s a good rule of thumb to replace your filters when you change your clocks – twice a year. Another rule of thumb is if you live in a construction zone, or an area which is dusty and dirty often, then you should replace your filters every three months.

* Make sure that your filtration system does not have any missing filters in the entire HVAC system. One of the easiest things to bypass in regards to HVAC filtration is that there is not just one filter in most units. Make sure to check with your HVAC manufacture to ensure you don’t have any gaps in the filtration.

* When you have the system cleaned, make sure they clean the drains completely.

* Whenever you have construction or renovation being done in your house, make sure to seal off the return and supply vents. Also important is to make sure you don’t operate the HVAC system until after the construction is completed and you have cleaned up all dust and dirt close to your vents.

Following these simple suggestions are great ways to create a maintenance program which will ensure your HVAC filtration is clean and always up to standards you expect them to be. However, the most important thing you can do to ensure your air duct cleaning system is operating smoothly is to contact an air duct cleaning company in Armonk, NY who has experience in providing quality service.