Most gun owners do all they possibly can to keep their ammo stored safely. Using a 222972 magazine rack in Connecticut ensures the ammo magazines will be stored safely, yet offer instant access when needed. It is important gun owners know how to store their magazines so they do not become damaged or get into the wrong hands. With the following information, gun owners will be prepared to use the right tools to keep their ammo magazines safe at all times.

Tips for Storing Gun Magazines

Aside from using the 222972 Magazine Rack in Connecticut, there are some other tips that will help gun owners properly store their gun magazines and keep them from experiencing damage or being a danger. Consider the following when choosing a method to store ammo.

  • While most gun owners want to be able to have instant access to their ammo, this does not mean they should avoid proper safety practices. It is especially important gun owners do not store their guns with their ammo magazines. Storing the two together can lead to the wrong hands getting on the gun and causing serious injuries or death.
  • Many gun owners make the mistake of stacking all their magazines in one box and storing them in a closet. Not only is this dangerous because they are not locked down, but stacking the magazines can lead to damages due to the weight. Gun magazines should always be stored separately to ensure they do not cause damage to one another.
  • Ideally, the gun magazines should be stacked separately on a magazine rack that offers a locking mechanism. The lock should be easy enough to maneuver for the adult gun owner but impossible for a child to get their hands on it.

Proper Storage Means Protection

Properly storing your gun magazines means having the right rack to put them on and keeping them locked away in safety. Practicing proper storage will extend the lifespan of your gun magazines and keep them out of the hands of children.

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