Whether you manufacture or distribute products for a living, you have to deal with freight costs and these costs are sometimes a big part of your operating budget. However, there are some things you can do to lower your costs from the best trucking companies, and here are some money-saving tips.

Recycle Packing Materials

Some materials like shipping peanuts and bubble wrap are reusable and small business can save money by recycling. However, reusing corrugated shipping containers is not always the best idea because they are easily damaged, and you could end up with freight damage claims.

Schedule Early

The earlier you contact the best trucking companies, the more you can save. When freight services have more than a day’s notice, they can route their trucks to avoid hauling empty trailers, and this saves you on “dry run” fees.

Double Check Invoices

Anyone can make a mistake so make sure your invoices are correct. Go over the math and look to see if all charges are correct. It only takes a few minutes to save you a lot.

Inspect Every Inbound Shipment

As soon as your shipments arrive, inspect them. Note any missing items or damages. This makes it easier to file a claim.

Consider a Trusted Freight Broker

Are you tired of dealing with carriers and trying to get the lowest rates on each shipment? The best trucking companies offer freight brokerage services. These services more than pay for themselves with the money they save you. For example, brokers often get discounted high volume shipping rates, and they are cheaper than you get directly with a carrier.

A good brokerage works with you and offers freight management services. You can take advantage of dedicated fleet services, which are cheaper than using your own trucks and drivers.