As residents of the North East know, winters can get cold. Gas Boilers are an effective means of heating a household even in the coldest climates, but in order to ensure that they will provide adequate heat through the winter they need to be properly maintained. During the course of this maintenance, there are signs homeowners can look out for that indicate a need for repair. Catching these early before winter hits full force can save a lot of hassle and prevent the need for more costly repairs. Of course older boiler systems are more prone to failure than those that have been recently installed. They will likely require more maintenance, and should be checked frequently for signs of leaks or malfunction. However, a regularly serviced and well made boiler can last for several decades with proper care.

Regardless of a boiler’s age, if it is emitting a noticeable metallic odor, this is immediate cause for concern. This smell may indicate a gas or oil leak, which could be accompanied by a buildup of Carbon Monoxide, a difficult to detect but potentially deadly gas. A qualified technician should be called immediately; the health of the household’s residents could be at stake.

Other causes for concern such as leaking water and unusual noises are less likely to endanger the health of inhabitants, but are still easy to recognize signs that something is awry. Water leaks may not cause immediate malfunctions, but they will dramatically impact a boiler’s efficiency. This will raise fuel costs and may cause it not to produce sufficient heat. Strange noises are more likely to precipitate serious malfunction. They are typically caused by deposits of iron or other minerals that cause the water to be unevenly distributed within the tank. This can cause overheating and consequent system shutdown.

The most obvious sign that something is amiss is a failure to produce enough heat. This may be as simple as a blown fuse or a thermostat that is not properly set. Those in the know can check before calling a repair tech to be sure these causes are not to blame. The best time to have Gas Boilers evaluated, repaired, or replaced is before winter sets in full force. The last thing any resident wants is to suffer in the cold until the techs show up. Homeowners can visit for more information or to get a quote.