Floor drains in your public restroom may present occasional or regular foul odors, and they may attract insects. When you persistently pour water and chemicals down the drain, and the smell continues, you may need to investigate a permanent way to solve the problem by using a floor drain odor stopper.

Floor Drain Problems Are Common

Floor drains are designed to remove an excessive water from an area in a building. They are also in basements, kitchens and laundry rooms. They are built with a trap that is designed to ensure that water stays inside the trap to prevent any sewer gasses or other odors from returning into the room.
You may just pour water down the drain regularly to ensure the trap remains full to prevent gasses from venting back to the room, but this may not prevent the problem long-term.

Some maintenance teams pour chemicals down the floor drain in the expectation that it will clear the bacteria which may be the cause of some of the gasses.

When the floor drains dry out, cockroaches, flies and other insects may decide to use the area to breed and live and when the drains remain dry, the insects can easily fly or crawl back into the restroom area.

In some circumstances, the drains may become clogged, and when more water is poured down the drain, it simply backs up, and when this sits without being drained for a long period, an odor may occur. A plumber will be required to clear the drain back up.

To solve the issue long term, you can investigate floor drain odor stopper liquids that sit on top of the water in the trap. As more water enters the drain, it passes through the stopper liquid, and the odor remains trapped below the water level.

The floor drain odor stopper will remain in place when small amounts of water are passed through the drain. Should large amounts of water be sent down the floor drain, the floor drain odor stopper may need to be topped up from time to time.