Healthy drivers are going to drive more days and further miles, compared to those who need to take regular sick days. Is it the responsibility of transportation logistics companies to insist that all truckers take part in a wellness program to improve their general well-being and physical and mental health?

Part of The Overall Package Offered to Drivers

Where a wellness program is offered by transportation logistics companies to their drivers, as part of the overall package deal, there is a cost associated to running and maintaining the undertaking.

For some transportation logistics companies, this is a price well worth paying if it decreases the runway turnover rates, which has an impact upon profits because of the consistent need to recruit new drivers.

Driver’s Responsibility?

Some will argue that drivers should shoulder the responsibility for their own maintenance of health and well-being. Does this include going so far as to encourage different and more healthy eating and drinking habits, or have these already been addressed by the greater public call for improved consumption of healthy food?

Reducing obesity levels and a reduction in smoking habits will help anyone, in any industry. The logistics organizations must consider whether they are likely to lose some truckers who fail to meet the physical requirements required and tested by the Department of Transportation.

There may, initially be a difficulty with introducing a wellness program, particularly when drivers are away for eight days at a time and expect to be at home with their family for the next two days, before going out on the road again.

Where drivers can consistently return to a central location, it may be easier to administer a wellness program, but for drivers regularly travel cross-country, they will need to understand how to impact their own wellness program while out on the road.