Unfortunately you were hit by another driver and have had your car totaled. In addition you had to go to the hospital to deal with your injuries. At least the friend who was in your car in the passenger’s seat was not seriously hurt and was not hospitalized.

That friend had been in a car accident before. He knew exactly what to do. He took the following steps after the collision.

1. He made sure that your care was out of the way of traffic (that was lucky for you). He leaned over and turned on the hazard flashers. He did not smell the odor of gas, so that is another going in your favor. He then used his cell phone to call 911 and ask for an ambulance to take him to get help in the hospital.

2. He immediately called his lawyer who was very helpful after his accident to see if they, the best Chicago auto accident lawyer, would represent him as well

3. He called the police so that there would be a police report put on the record for later use

4. After he saw that the paramedics would take care of you, he snapped as many pictures as he could

5. Because you were so injured and the other driver was not, your friend made sure to get the personal information of the other driver such as name, license number, phone number, and insurance information.

Your friend tells you that his Chicago auto accident lawyer was wonderful and that he will reach out to you to Shea Law Group.