For those who aren’t cricket lovers, understanding why people will spend so much time and passion on this sport is a mystery. They cannot believe that pundits will invest five full days in following a match that could end in a draw. Even those who understand the rules can’t grasp the excitement that some have for the game. This doesn’t mean that these same people won’t attend matches, however. As cricket is played in the kind of ground that allows for outdoor recreation and constant movement of fans, some come to enjoy a day in the sun, to catch up on gossip with friends, and to enjoy the odd bit of excitement on the field!

The essence of cricket

Cricket is known as a game played by gentlemen, and it is felt that a code of conduct was imposed on the players. Hence, the expression ‘It’s just not cricket’. Cricketers were considered to be players of honour, who would walk off the field if they knew they were out, before relying on the decision of the umpire. A lot of that has changed, but there is still a reputation that the game inspires dignity and good sportsmanship.

The sport inspires countless discussions and arguments, as fans debate the order of the batting or bowling, and the tactics of the field placings. The game produces magnificent skills, and true proponents of cricket will admire this ability in any player, regardless of the country they represent. Anyone who bats with extreme elegance and has the excellent stroke-making ability will be a pleasure to watch, and so will endear themselves to cricket followers around the world.

Keeping up to date with cricket match reports

For those following test cricket over five-days, it’s not many people who can take the time off work and can indulge themselves in watching every ball bowled. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not constantly updating themselves to establish the state of play. Specialist cricketing sites such as will satisfy the needs of the most ardent fan. Not only are there constant updates, but there are also interviews conducted post-match, along with interesting articles and comments that will hold the attention of any aficionado.

The beauty of cricket is that it always remains exciting. Just when all seems hopeless, and one team seems to dominate a match, it will take just the quick fall of a few wickets to mean that everything changes and all bets are off. It’s because of the changeable nature of cricket that lovers of the game need to be kept constantly informed, and will try to update themselves on a regular basis if they’re away from their television screens.

If you’re unable to follow a cricket match ball-by-ball, you’ll want regular cricket match reports. is one such site that will provide you with a wide range of cricketing information.