How does it feel when you are smiling at people with the thought that they are able to see through it, in a literal sense, thanks to the missing teeth? It feels even worse to look at the perfect smile on display from others, is it not? Well, thanks to dentistry in Oklahoma City, there are multiple solutions available to resolve this issue; one of the most effective one being dental implants.

Why choose implants over others?

To be honest, a missing tooth or a set of missing teeth can be treated in many ways. In fact, there are also other options for chipped and broken teeth. Then what is so special about dental implants? Crowns could do the same job. The porcelain cap to cover the deformities or missing spot is good enough to give a strong visual display.

Well, the truth is that if you are looking for a natural visual and feel, there is nothing better than dental implant. The feel of natural teeth is at its best with a dental implant rather than a crown or conventional bridge option. Further, dental implants also give a stronger sense of stability than any of the alternatives making you feel more comfortable. All of these factors together suggest that it should be the first preference.

Dental implants: fact file

Dental implants are usually made of titanium used as a component. For all practical purposes, all dental implants available in Oklahoma City are real tooth like implants, also known as root form endosseous implants. The only case where they do not feel like an actual tooth is while you are chewing your food as they do not have a certain ligament connected to it which is present for your natural tooth.

The basic principle of the procedure involved suggests that the placement of a dental implant would require a certain kind of preparation into the bone using a high speed precision drill machine. In this process, the bone is allowed to grow around the implant once it is placed for stability. Time involved in the entire process is dependent on multiple factors including expertise of the dentist, nature and quality of bones and difficulty level of the specific patient’s situation.

In case you are going through a tooth extraction first and then a dental implant, there can be variations in the approach to dental implant process. It could be a case of immediate implantation following the extraction or a delayed implant that takes place after two to twelve weeks of extraction. There is also the option where the dentist chooses to opt for late implantation that takes place within or after the period of three months of the extraction procedure.

Note of Caution

While dental implants are a great tool in use for dentistry, it is advisable to watch out for a few precautionary measures before opting for this option. Consult with your dentist in advance to ascertain whether the amount and quality of the bone in question will suffice for an implant. Afterward, there is also the question of final functional aspects of restoration which is to be determined with the fine skills of a dentist. It is one thing to dream of the beautiful post implant effects and another to achieve them.

Now a day, with the advanced techniques for dental implants available in Oklahoma City, one could even look forward to the aspect of computer simulation software based city scan data for a better pre assessment in order to decide the viability of a dental implant. Technology is available and it is wise to make the most of it for best results.

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