Important Services Provided by Private Investigators in Westchester County

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Business

Film and television have long portrayed private investigators as mysterious characters in dark offices, catching cheating spouses and living a life of danger and intrigue. In truth, they are professional experts who perform some very vital and practical services. Here are some of the important services offered by Private Investigators in Westchester County.

Background Checks: Private investigators are often hired to perform background checks for employers and property management companies. They have access to records that can quickly determine if an individual has ever been arrested or convicted of a felony.

Due Diligence for Investors: A private investigator can perform due diligence for investors who are considering investing money in a high-risk venture. Called investigative due diligence, this can uncover red flags and shady practices such as Ponzi schemes.

Process Serving: This is the delivery of subpoenas, summons or other legal documents.

Internal Corporate Investigations: Corporations will often hire a private investigation agency if they suspect they are a victim of embezzlement or corporate espionage. An agency can also perform integrity checks, uncover piracy and investigate sexual harassment claims.

Witness Location: A private investigator can locate hard to find witnesses for court cases, interview them and take their statements.

Missing Persons: A professional investigator finds missing persons by searching public records and following leads. Reputable agencies will contact the person on your behalf and give them the opportunity to contact you. This is a standard rule of contact that protects the privacy of all parties.

Matrimonial and Custodial Investigations: Private investigation services can find out if a party in a legal case has honestly represented their assets. They also perform surveillance and interviews in matrimonial or custodial cases.

Skip-Tracing: Skip-tracing is the act of locating an individual who has disappeared leaving unpaid bills. Executors will also use skip-tracing services to locate heirs.

Photographic and Video Evidence: Photographic and video evidence is valued by trial attorneys because it’s almost impossible to contest. It often holds more weight than eye-witness testimony.

Insurance Investigations: Insurance companies frequently hire private investigators to investigate questionable claims. Insurance fraud is common and costly; by uncovering fraudulent claims, insurance companies can save millions of dollars per year.

Private investigators play an important role in court cases, asset recovery and missing persons investigations. Pagones-O’Neill Investigations offers comprehensive investigative services as well as security and protective services, canine services and legal expertise. Click here for more information.

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