There are plenty of different cables used in heavy-duty industries. One of them is the tray cable. This type of cable is most commonly used in intercom systems, petrochemical refineries, traffic control relays, intercom systems and various other applications for performing high power functions. The cables are also known for being used in Class 1 and 2 and Division 2 hazardous locations. They are primarily installed in trays, wire ways, conduits, channels, troughs and ducts. Many of these cables are also used in power limited circuits, cash registers and other industrial control systems.

Ordering Tray Cables

Since these cables are usually used in specific applications, it’s important for you to know the specifications before placing an order. You can buy a tray cable from any supplier in the market that specializes in selling different kinds of cables. Many suppliers also list their products online. You can just browse their collections before buying the cable.

Other Factors

Before buying a tray cable, you should confirm that the cable was made in line with the National Electrical Code. These cables must conform to specific requirements and guidelines, and should also be flame resistant. They must also be heat and moisture resistant. Most people don’t know which cables are best suited to their needs. Therefore, it’s important for you to ask the manufacturer whether its cables are compliant with international guidelines before you confirm the order. Many suppliers also provide a warranty with every cable you purchase. Depending upon the length of the cable you require, the prices will vary. Ideally, you should request quotes from different suppliers before you place the order. This will help you get the best price option.

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