You want a beautiful smile, but when you have several damaged front teeth, that dream can feel impossible. If your teeth are chipped and discolored, you may even hesitate to smile. If you don’t know how you can fix the problem, you can feel at your wit’s end, afraid of possible tooth extractions. Before you give up on your pearly whites, think about crowns in Macon GA. They could offer you a simple fix that can focus on repairing your damaged teeth.

Give Your Teeth and Overhaul

When you choose ceramic crowns in Macon GA, your dentist can target individual teeth in need of repairs. This is an ideal solution when your teeth do not need to be replaced. If your tooth can be saved, a crown can cover the exterior to make your tooth look beautiful again. It will also be completely functional. The first step will involve having impressions made of any teeth in need of a crown. Your teeth will be prepared, and another impression will be made to ensure you have an accurate fit. While you are waiting for your permanent crown, you will have a temporary crown made from resin to protect your tooth. In the end, your permanent crown will match the rest of your teeth and give you a tooth that looks whole again.

Learn More About the Benefits of Crowns

Now is your chance to transform your smile. You will be in the best of hands at Providence Dental Spa. Go to to learn more about their team of dental professionals. Explore their services and experience the difference crowns in Macon GA can make for you. You can have an amazing smile with a little extra help.