Increase Your Connections with Free Government Smartphones in Wisconsin

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Phone service provider

Low-income individuals and families in Wisconsin often struggle with providing the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. Most of these individuals or families are hardest hit when issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down or have a negative their communities or the entire global economy.

Staying in Touch

Having the ability to stay in touch with employers, family, and friends, to complete online training, or to browse online for better employment opportunities is essential at any time. It is even more critical now for people at all income levels to access information and communication resources.

The state of Wisconsin is part of the federal Lifeline Assistance Program started in 1985. This program has evolved over time and with changes to the way people communicate. Today, instead of support for landline phones, it provides free government cell phones to those who qualify.

Types of Phones

The Lifeline program offers free government smartphones to qualifying individuals. These free government cell phones offer exceptional service, including free domestic calls, text messaging, video calling, voicemail, data, call waiting, and caller ID services.

As with all smartphones, users can download apps and use these free government cell phones for any type of online access, including for online courses, email, networking, or personal or professional communication.

To qualify for free government smartphones Wisconsin, individuals must have a household income of at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. They can also participate in various government assistance programs to qualify. These programs include but are not limited to SSI, Medicaid, SNAP, and Federal Public Housing.

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