One of the most frustrating experiences in life for many people is the time it takes to get a disability claim approved via the Social Security Administration. All disability claims can be painfully slow because the agency only deals with total and permanent disability unless the claimant is filing for Supplemental Security Income, commonly known as SSI. Social Security Disability Insurance is a completely different program that is only available to those who have worked enough quarters in the past 10 years to qualify. SSI benefits are assessed for one year only, and reevaluation is common each year for most recipients. Claims can not only be processed in maximum time periods but they can also be denied based on informational technicality. This is why it is so important to retain a Social Security lawyer in Maryville even before filing an initial application as anything submitted on the original application will become part of the official claim record.

There are many medical conditions that are already established by the SSA, and claim approval is relatively simple. Some claims are actually approved on the initial submission. However, most claimed conditions will still generate a second opinion request from the government by a scheduled appointment with a specific doctor. This doctor will be looking for any potential reason to deny a claim, which would require an attorney to win an approval through the appeals process. Anyone filing without an attorney should understand this procedure. A Social Security lawyer from Maryville can help make the process quicker in some instances.

Almost all disability cases are won through the appeals process. Your attorney will understand all of the guidelines and response times involved in the appeals procedure, and they can prepare the claimant on how to respond to questions from the SSA in any official hearing. Claimants are also almost always required to present testimony regarding how their medical condition prohibits them from working, which is the real basis of the claim.

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